Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Drive from Northern Lake Superior to California

After two weeks of river exploration on the North Shore of Lake Superior with Nate Helms, John Grace, Nikki Kelly, Tanya Faux, Dave Garrienger, Fred Coriell and Nate Helms, the core four headed cross-country in John's $800 1987 Toyota Van, aka "the tortoise".

Utilizing the northern route the team made there way from Chicago to Jackson Wyoming and then on to Auburn California.

"It was a 8.5 on the suck meter" -Fred

"Our average speed was 58, on the highway"
"We overheated every 200 miles, requiring a 20 minute stop." -Toby

"One time Toby took off the radiator cap (before it cooled down) and antifreeze exploded all over the van" (the engine is in the cab of the van)- Fred

"There was a geyser inside the tortoise" - Toby

"We went all the way to the North Fork of the Payette and it was not running, so we just drove strait to Cali" -Fred

Total drive time:4 days


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