Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Dinkey Creek “The Waterfalls”

Days 2
Miles 9
Vertical Drop 2100
Level 280 above Nrth Kings
Portages 4
Peeps Toby MacDermott, Fred Coriell, John Grace, Nikki Kelly,
Tanya Faux, Howard Tidwell, Chris Young, Todd Scott, Josh Bruckner, Drew Refsauge

The first main river of our expedition (short a few still working in East Coast) the Dinkey Creek Waterfalls section is not officially within the High Sierra, but truly worth the work to get there.

“Dinkey waterfalls is the finest run below 4000 feet elevation.” –Toby

“The oldest FORESTS of poison oak exist within the gorge, and we walked right through them.

Trip Highlights
Bruckner portaging 4 peoples fully loaded boats above the death sieve.

Howard Tidwell’s first class V overnighter.

Tanya lost here paddle right in the thick of it.

Due to too many Mad Bombers, Toby was forced to swim on belay to grab boaters and pull them in to the eddy. “It was a very tenuous moment to say the least” – Toby


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