Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Middle Kings Day 4

Day 4

Awakening to a warm, sunny day, we set off for Ant Camp and the Big Dome. We ran a bunch of class III-IV down to ant camp. It is here that the rapids get real big and bouldery, not as big as day 5, but big nonetheless.

Tommy enthusiastically avoiding a large sieve.

photo by Nikki Kelly

And again.

photo by Nikki Kelly

We made our way through a myriad of boulder drops, not getting out too much to video or take photos. Instead we got into our groove and enjoyed a continuous class V boogie, boat-scouting, bombing session.

After hours of running the shit, we came to the aweinspiring Tohippity Dome (sp?).
This huge granite dome shoots straight out of the river right bank straight to the sky.

photo by Nikki Kelly

photo by Nikki Kelly

We made camp just below the dome, and right above “the Bottom 9” miles. These rapids turned out to some of the biggest, most challenging of our entire trip.


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Drewpoo said...

The correct spelling is "Tehipite". Means "big ass rock" in Yocut or Yokutsan, the native american's of the area- aka Chukchansi. Kidding. The tribe part is correct. Same family as the Miwoks and Ahwanachee's of the Yosemite area. Bitchin pics. One of these days I'll sac up and paddle the upper Kings. THANKS.


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