Thursday, July 08, 2004

Middle Kings River- "Trip of a Lifetime."

We made it out of the Kings river in 5 days. The trip was more than words can explain. Hopefully the following pictures and video and stories can help bring this amazing place to you.

Gotta run for the day but here are some images from the beg. of the trip.

Fred Coriell, Al Gregory, Buffy Bailey Burge, Nikki Kelly, Danniel DeLaVergne, John Grace, Toby MacDermott, Tommy Hilleke at the trailhead for Bishop Pass, 13 miles from the river.

Our gear headed up Bishop Pass (Donkey's no make it, we carry all stuff long way.)

photo by Nikki Kelly

Buffy Bailey Burge at the top of the pass. This is girl is smiling way too big for what she just did.

photo by Nikki Kelly

A snow storm that hit us at the top of the pass.

photo by Nikki Kelly

Corection: This the "Brink" looking into LeConte Canyon.

photo by Nikki Kelly

A fall on day one. Top of the rapid where a "squeeze play" is neccesary.

photo by Nikki Kelly

Tommy post sqeeze play. Day one falls

photo by Nikki Kelly


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