Thursday, June 24, 2004

Update and Some Bonus shots and vid

We have postponed our putin for the Devil's Postpile till tommorrow AM.

Access is only allowed to the river during the hours of 830pm -730am for vehicular travel other than the designated shuttle bus.

The flow, which have once again asertained from myseterious sources, reads 850 inflow to Mammoth Pool. Willie Kern reports an ideal flow of 550-650 and we are looking at a drop of about 50 cfs a day. We are putting in tommorrow morning with an extra day's supplies in case our water does not drop according to plan.

Some news, Tommy has got a hold of Johnie Kern's new creek boat "El Jefe Grande" and will be taking the second protoype for a four day jaunt down the San Juaquin to figure out a few final adjustments to the design.

Buffy Bailey is reportedly in route via LA for our planned trip down the Middle Kings next week. Buffy was on the 1997 expedition with Scott, Johnnie, Willie, Chuck, Mark, BJ, Dustin and Brandon. Needless to say we are fired up to have her along.

We have Jed Weingarten also potentially in route, with he and Buffy we will be looking at crew of 9, with 4 people having previously run the 42 mile, 6400 foot gradient river.

But first the San Juaquin.

Here are a few bonus pictures and video from earlier in the trip

Fanatsy Falls Random
Click Here

Royal Gorge Random
Click Here

Some pics

Toby digging into his closet

Tommy running the "Grove Tube" rapid on Upper Cherry Creek


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