Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Nikki Kelly's Dinkey Creek Photo Gallery

Here are some select shots from the first trip of the 7 Rivers Expedition. The Dinkey Creek waterfalls section was shrouded in mystery and proved an elusive run to hit right for many. The trip is fairly dialed at this point, but many a misadventure has occured here.

This spring Jason Hale and crew pulled a double dink (first ever double). The guidebook has a story from two somewhat random Cali paddlers with tales of mandatory walled in "jumping" portages and other fun stuff. The goal is certainly to go with one who knows the river and the access trail. Two or three years ago Ben Coleman and Shannon Carroll dropped in without exact knowledge of the trail system to the river. They entered the gorge too high and were forced to bail out after many, many hours of manzaneta hell hiking. Willie Kern blew up his knee and was helied out a couple years back as well.

The Dinkey Creek waterfalls run is, without a doubt, the finest run in the Sierras under 3000 feet.

"Poison Oak only grows below 4300 feet."
-Scott Lindgren

Howard Tidwell killing it on his first Class V overnighter.
photo by Nikki Kelly

Fred Coriell on a big one

photo by Nikki Kelly

photo by Nikki Kelly

John Grace

photo by Nikki Kelly

Toby MacDermott

photo by Nikki Kelly

Tanya Faux

photo by Nikki Kelly


At 10:05 PM, Anonymous pmartzen said...

Great photos. Nice to see how this canyon should be paddled.

A somewhat random cali paddler


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