Wednesday, June 23, 2004

West Cherry Creek Photo Gallery by Nate Helms

We are currently awaiting Nikki’s pictures from the Grand Canyon of the T.

Until then here is a photo gallery provided by Mr. Nate Helms of the West Fork of Cherry Creek. As far as we know there have only been three trips down this section of the river. The first made by Johnnie Kern, Willie Kern Jed Weingarten and Polk Deters. The second and third trips were made by our group in 2002 and this summer. The first group allegedly used the same trailhead as us, but ended up at the river much lower down than our crew.

Our first trip in ’02 was a nightmare in route finding to the river, and the flow was medium/low. This time around the level was rocking and we had a blast. Of note was the extremely high “Zambeziesque” flow we found in the main Upper Cherry Creek after the confluence.

Putin Slide

A many falls, paddler Fred Coriell

Rattlesnake #3

Toby wiping out, day 2


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