Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bald Rock Canyon

Bald Rock Canyon
(ancillary river)

Days 2
Miles 7
Vertical Drop 540
Level 1200
Portages 1
Peeps John Grace, Nate Helms, Daniel DeLaVergne, Fred Coriell, Toby MacDermott, Alex Ransom, Ryan Bell

Fun Fact: Don’t ever run this run without a boat to pick you up on Lake Orville. 13 miles of flats for 7 of river = sucks ass.
We decided to paddle the run as an overnighter due to desire to escape the Memorial Day rush. We were greeted by upwards of 4 inches of rain that night with just a few ratty tarps to protect us. A fine family of Peruvians gave us a lift to the other end of the lake in the morning, alleviating a hell of a flatwater paddle.


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