Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Nikki Kelly's Royal Gorge Photo Gallery

While we were on the Fantasy Falls at rocking high water, our next river of the '7 Rivers Expedition' was the lowest. We knew that in order to logistically pull it off we would be running a river or two too high and one or two too low. This was our low guy. The river flows off the backside of the Lake Tahoe area and has a relatively small watershed. The North Fork of the American River features a classic progression of harder and harder runs. The Chamberlain Falls, the Giant Gap and the Generation Gap, all runs downstream of the Royal Gorge, were run in a progression of years as skills increased.
The Royal Gorge was finally run by Scott Lindgren, Clay Wright, Knapps, etc, etc and has only been run a handful of times since. This is the river that has the multi drop thing that Scott ran in 'Thirst', this drop remains one of the most impressive cataracts ever run (IMHO). No takers on this trip, or ever again for that matter.

The putin of the gorge is on private land and a good bit of luck, skill and southern charm are neccessary to get past the agro protectors of said land. We do not advise attempting to run this river because of the legality of the situation. But the land holders are ultra rich old money railroad folks, so screw 'em.

Nikki on the first Heath Springs Falls. This is a classic shot, first seen in a slide by Jenning Steger of Scott L in a big ole pink Diablo.

phot by Pat Keller

Here is Nate Helms on the first Heath Springs Falls.

photo by Nikki Kelly

Here is pat running the notch below the second Heath Springs Falls, a 50 footer (not shown). Mark Haden ran this falls on a trip years ago, dislocated his shoulder and was arrested for tresspassing on his hike out.

photo by Nikki Kelly

Here is Fred Coriell pumping water below the 50 footer and Notch falls.

photo by Nikki Kelly

Here is Hilleke jumping off the big ass Rattlesnake falls.

Photo by Nikki Kelly

Tomy on some random drop still in the gorge.

photo by Nikki Kelly

The 3rd Bear of this trip, a big one, out of focus, but its a bear, I promise.

photo by Nikki Kelly.

John Grace on the 30ftr somewhat near the horrible falls pictured below.

photo by Nikki Kelly.

Wabina Falls, a 70 ftr that marks the end of the Royal Gorge. It is a real shitty portage, so most of use just put our spray skirts on our loaded boats and sent em off sans paddler. Young Pat Keller almost learned a tragic lesson when he did not tie on the spray skirt and it blew off. Luckily Tommy and myself were catching boats and noticed the black skirt floating away. Whew!

photo by Nikki Kelly


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Wabena Falls, I believe.

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fabulous photos. I would like to know the camera details.


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